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There are seven emirates in the UAE with their businesses and free zones. These also attract foreign investors throughout the world. The Emirates delivers a platform for various companies to get started. After the start, they need to get a business license according to business development. Hence, it can begin getting a corporate bank account and other visa processes.

Offshore company in UAE is a legal business organization, where businesses can be done internationally, outside the UAE jurisdiction. It must not be confused with the free zone in UAE. UAE offshore companies can get properties and firms worldwide, including UAE.

A registered agent must set up an offshore company, unlike any other business. A E Y Auditing is a registered agent in the UAE that facilitates you registering your offshore company in UAE.

The UAE is like many offshore companies, prominently in RAK ICC and JAFZA.

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The setup process:

To set up the offshore company in UAE, you will need to:

Gather the required documents

First, the required documents will depend on integrating your business. Some of the compulsory require documents include below:

  • ID of shareholder
  • Passport and Visa of shareholder
  • A filed application of the business integration
  • Prove of financial status
  • A Memorandum of Association
  • An Articles of Association

Establish a business plan

Second, you will create a comprehensive business plan and the firm’s setup. It should include details below:

  • Your complete budget
  • Project finances
  • Liquidity
  • Development plans
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Advantages of establishing an offshore
company in the UAE

There are many benefits to setting up an offshore company in the UAE. I mention these as below:

  • No existing corporate tax to pay
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • A speedy integration procedure
  • Lawsuit protection-as it protects your possession if you are involved in any legal proceedings.
  • Your assets are protected. The legal system of the UAE prevents creditors from grabbing assets of the offshore company.
  • 100% privacy. As an offshore enterprise, you will get 100% privacy of your concerns.
  • Choices to issue various classes of shares.
  • It required a minimum of one shareholder and the director

Find a Corporate Service Provider

Thirdly, it makes the procedure much more accessible. Therefore, it coordinates the complete setup and might offer advice related to the legalities of incorporation. Moreover, CSP charges a fee; however, these are worthwhile expenditures for the services they offer. It will also deliver the legal requirement of a Registered office address of the business.

Choose a business structure.

Your company will need to be structured as below:

  • A sole proprietorship
  • A Limited Liability Partnership
  • A PSC (Public Shareholding Company)
  • A Private Shareholding Company
  • A joint venture

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