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The world is getting globalized rapidly, and companies are in the never-ending race to be an evident success. As a result, our trust is to grow better than before. A E Y Auditing of Accounts is a professionally reliable firm for local and international clients. Hence, you get demanded transparency, accuracy, and accomplishment of all legal requirements.

Furthermore, A E Y Auditing of Accounts is working as a top audit firm in Dubai that is delivering an array of its services at an exceptional level. With the assistance of our professionals, we are ready to provide solutions in financial auditing, Compliance audit, Operational audit, Integrated audits, Due diligence, Audit & Assurance, Freezone Audits, Internal audits, and Statutory audits, AML, TRC, ESR, revenue certification, ICV certification, Feasibility studies, due diligence, liquidation services and offshore company formation including JAFZA and RAK ICC. About us, Our uniqueness and prosperity reside in the success of associated clients and companies that have achieved their mission and are working freely from complexities. Therefore, a huge strength of AEY Auditing is its value-based services to successful business operations of the UAE.


 We follow the highest level of professional ethics and quality in our services.

  •  We have a fast-growing team of qualified & dedicated professionals.
  •  We provide fresh perspective & new ways to look at your business through Business Analysis, Creative Insight & Industry Benchmarking.
  • We act as a Sounding board for crucial financial decisions and provide dependable strategic leadership through our experience and knowledge.
  • A E Y Auditing is a UAE-registered auditing firm providing cost-effective value-added solutions to meet all your business needs.

Executive Profile

Adeel Zaman

Marketing Director

Ebrahim Turkey

Account & Advisory

Yusuf Fakhri

Audit Partner

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